CHIPS10131 base board is built for the systems of real-time signal receiving and digital processing by interaction with FMC mezzanine modules controlled by the industrial computers with CompactPCI bus. Mounting of a special module (ADC, DAC, etc. ) enables input/output of the needed analogue, digital and optic signals.

Timing signals switching system receives the clock frequency from each mezzanine module, frequency data from the integrated programmable generator and transfers the received timing signals to two FMC modules and FPGA.

General characteristics:

Eurocard architecture: 3U
Cooling type: Air
Interface bus: CompactPCI
Mezzanine module form factor: FMC ANSI/VITA 57.1
FMC connector: HPC
Mezzanine modules quantity: 1
Circulating memory: SDRAM DDR4 16 GB
System time clock frequency: 100 MHz
Programmable generator: 8 – 1000 MHz
Additional interfaces: PIOX, JTAG
Power source: from +3.3V and +5V to 4 A, from +12V to 2A
Mezzanine module voltage: 2.5V max
Intermodular clock synchronization: Yes
Operating-temperature range: −40 to +85°C


Signal procession and distribution
Data receipt and transfer
Data storage
Systems control
Measuring equipment


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