Mezzanine DAC module CHIPSMA1681600F is built in compliance with the FMC High-Pin Count 400 form factor and perfectly suits for the use within AMC, VPX, PCI/PCIe, CompactPCI base boards. The module performs eight-channel digital-to-analogue conversion and transmits radio signals to the analogue system tract.

Transmitting channels are pairwise connected with four high-speed two-channel DAC ICs (16 bit, 1.6 GSPS). The module can be efficiently used for wideband communication systems (LTE, WiMAX networks) meeting the requirements of confined space and high performance data processing.

The digital sample stream sent from the base board through the FMC interface is processed by the DAC module into wideband RF analogue signals with complex arbitrary waveform. Additional quadrature IQ modulator will provide upward signal spectrum translation.

Timing signals distributor is controlled by the SPI interface and normalized by the reference crystal oscillator (25 MHz) and integrated programmable oscillator (8-1000 MHz phase locking), the distributor can receive and distribute 10-300 MHz external clock signals. For multichannel systems the module timing can be done through the external high-frequency connector or through the FMC connector with the base board.

The module is fitted with the integrated status monitoring system (crystal temperature, voltage) accessible by the I2C interface.

General characteristics:
Base board connection form factor: FMC ANSI/VITA 57.1
FMC connector: HPC 400
Front panel RF connectors: SSMC or MMCX
Module size (DxWxH): 92x141x10 mm
Cooling type: Air or Conductive
DACTiming / data I/O interface: JESD204B, LVPECL
DAC module sampling frequency: 1.6 GHz
DAC output analogue signals frequency (transformer): 1-960 MHz
DAC IC resolution: 16 bit
DAC IC quantity: 4
DAC IC channel quantity: 2
IQ modulator (option): 400-6000 MHz
Integrated system interfaces: SPI, I2C, JTAG
Channels impedance: 50 Ohm
Status monitoring system: Yes
Programmable reference oscillator: 8-1000 MHz
Reference crystal oscillator: 25 MHz
External clock signal frequency: 10-300 MHz
Intermodular clock synchronization: Yes
Operating-temperature range: −40…+85°C

Multichannel data transmission
Wideband communication systems
Measuring equipment


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