The radio-optical module CHIPSRF10920E is designed to transmit a high-frequency analog signal along the fiber-optic path from the antenna to the information processing unit.

Designed for signal processing and transmission up to 20 GHz. The use of radio-optical systems can significantly increase the noise immunity of an analog signal.


General characteristics:

∙ Frequency range 20 MHz – 20 GHz

∙ Wavelength of optical signal 1550 nm

∙ RF input power (IIP3) 18 dBm

∙ Maximum output optical power 8 dBm

∙ Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm

∙ Maximum demand 500 mA

∙ Operating temperature range -25 … + 70 ° C



Broadband delay lines

Radar systems

Satellite communication systems


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