CHIP SYSTEM products represent modern highly efficient computing systems based on multifunctional modular blocks of unified form factor created for analogue and digital signals analysis, procession, generation and distribution.

Per channel digital signal processing (DSP) systems and data acquisition systems are built on the basis of DSP blocks controlled by the industrial computer. Analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) modules are mounted into the correspondent system bus slots of the base boards. The whole assembly is installed on the chassis of the per channel digital signal processing block.

The number of channel depends on the ADC modules, base boards (which can contain one or two modules) and industrial computer type.

Industrial computers are limited with specified bus number and bus type. The industrial computer is able to control several per channel digital signal processing blocks with base boards and ADC modules in the case of common system bus. The maximum number of the base boards allowed depends on the number of the industrial computer system buses and defines the maximum channel number for AD conversion.

The ADС signal processing systems architecture is based on of the FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) technology. This blocktype construction architecture technology implies combining of modules with standardised bus interfaces. FMC technology makes it possible to combine the FPGA base board and ADC modules providing universal assemblies without high development and introduction costs. FMC technology does not limit most chains and signals from base boards and modules representing numerous flexible solutions.
Module size, construction, interface and slots are unified. We use unified IDC multirow plug and socket joints for the systems to provide low-cost safe connection resistant to vibrations, temperature and humidity drops.

Such an approach lets us mount any FMC module on the base board to combine specifically featured assembly able to meet special customer’s inquiries.

Base boards serve for ADC modules mounting. Base boards are built into the slots of the per channel digital signal processing (DSP) blocks with PCI, Compact PCI, PCI Express, AMC, VPX interfaces. Base boards execute analysis, procession and distribution of the signals coming from the FMC module with the help of the FPGA working according to the designed algorithm.
Base boards are produced in two dimension-types: 3U for one module mount and 6U for two synchronized modules mount.

» CHIPS10233

» CHIPS20261

» CHIPS10131

ADC modules

ADC modules are mounted in the base boards in compliance with the FMC form factor. These modules proceed detecting, amplifying, digitizing, generating and transferring of the input analogue signal stream through the stated channels for the following base boards processing.

» CHIPSM142500

» CHIPSM144500

» CHIPSM148500

DAC modules

DAC modules are mounted the same way as ADC modules and are used for converting and generating of the digital signal from the base board or external unit into analogue signal and transferring it through the stated channels.

» CHIPSMA1621600F

» CHIPSMA1641600F

» CHIPSMA1681600F

Clock Distribution (CD) modules

CD modules are mounted according to the FMC form factor and manage multichannel synchronized timing of ADC and DAC modules. CD modules can be used by data transceiving radiosystems with several units, blocks and modules timing.




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